Rule 3-2-1

Preparing a handful backup strategy is a very reasonable step, but the key is to implement it effectively. Rule-3-2-1 regarding backups is a method that allows you to provide real security to your data. This simple and universal rule tells you how many backups you need to make and where to store them. Therefore:

  • Always have 3 backups
  • Use 2 different data storage technologies (cloud, pen drive, external hard drive, tape, etc.)
  • Always keep 1 backup away from home or business.
Data Protection

If a flood, fire, or other natural disaster destroyed your office, how would you recover? What do you do when you are a victim of ransomware? Or what if your data was compromised by employee theft or hackers? Would you still have access to the vital information and IT infrastructure that serve as the framework of your business? Inlet Technologies provides complete data backup and data recovery services to protect small and medium-sized businesses from events like these. Inlet Technologies in partnership with leading cloud backup providers offers business continuity through the implementation of proper backup procedures.

Microsoft365 Backup

Microsoft365 does not provide backup against Ransomware. That is the responsibility of the tenant (you). Through our industry leading partners, we offer cloud-to-cloud backup. Not only the cloud-to-cloud backup backs up emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes but for the same subscription, it backs-up OneDrive for Business, Teams, OneNote, and SharePoint sites. The solution includes unlimited amount of storage and timed-retention or unlimited retention per user with multiple snapshots daily. Microsoft365 backup is a must for every any business. Restore can be done at individual item level all the way to enter mailbox, OneDrive, or SharePoint site.

Server Backup

Ransomware protection, with our backup partner solution, backups are automatically scanned for ransomware and provide the ability to restore data quickly. Backups that don’t rely on incremental and automatically verify the backup providing peace of mind. Maximize efficiencies with solution out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. Reduce downtime with a combination of on-site backup appliance and reliable cloud solution. Flexible protection of any physical, virtual or and infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux. Data can be restored back on the same server or a virtual server can be setup in an event of a hardware failure.

Workstation Backup

Backup your entire PC or Mac computer to the cloud. With the Direct-to-Cloud backup features it is best-in-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution, which is fully automated and monitored. Backup USB or external hard drives are unreliable and requires manual operation. This is an affordable, easy-to-use solution and it is the last line of defense against ransomware and security breaches. Restoring data has never been easily. We can help with restoring a single file or enter computer easily and efficiently.

File Protection

Light weighed endpoint backup safeguards business-critical files, with fully automated service delivery and end client functionality. Simple, secure backup and recovery provides continuous file and folder backup protects business documents against ever-present threats such as human error, hardware failure, ransomware, and lost or stolen devices. Customized Protection based on individual needs and streamline implementation. It easy to install and configure.

Custom Backup Solution

Allowing access to a business network from remote devices enables employee collaboration and innovation. Hindering access because of endpoint security concerns can do more harm than good. Enabling employees to access the network from their devices, while ensuring backup and protection, can empower them while protecting their data and network. With our custom backup solution we can meet and exceed every backup requirements to ensure business continuity.