Work with Confidence

Managed Services from Inlet Technologies equips you with a team of technicians who’ll utilize your technology infrastructure to its fullest potential. This includes proactive monitoring and maintenance, deployment of customized technology solutions, network and security optimization and more. The result? A technology infrastructure at its best that supports your business goals, simplifies work processes and maximizes efficiency.

  • Proactive system updates and patching
  • Manage Hardware and Software
  • Single Point of Contact
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Manage Antivirus
  • Manage Backup Solutions
  • Manage Updates
  • Professional Team

Wouldn’t it be great if everything just worked? We can make that happen. Our expert team will craft tailored IT solutions aligned with your unique business needs and goals that will increase your business’s efficiency and productivity while ensuring data security. Furthermore, we’ll manage and maintain all of your IT systems so everything will always be operating at peak performance and providing maximum value. Should you need help, we will be there to fix your IT problem.


Transferring your business to cloud requires a careful examination. During transition one needs to take care of the risk and security. We provide a unique combination of cloud based service and on- premises infrastructure requirement. Providing security for your computer network so you can concentrate on your business. Firewall maintenance, rogue Wireless Access Point monitoring, Antivirus, Antimalware, Patching and scanning has never been so easy. We are with your in every step of the way.


We automatically managed and apply the updates including the security and critical patches to your computer and server Operating Systems to ensure your environment is fully protected and your operation is not hindered by unsecure computer. You no longer need to decipher manually which patch to apply and what to skip. Our technology experts review newly released patches for compatibility and excludes experimental patches that could cause havoc in your environment so you can work with confidence.


We take an overall look of your existing inventory, take a thorough look of your existing system. We will report to you about the hardware changes your organization need to make and guide in inventory sector for immediate hardware and software backups. We deploy and monitor your backups.


We take care of dealing with your technical vendors. Having issues? No more calling phone company and Internet Service Providers and Hardware support. We believe in releasing the right tools and support to your organization; therefore, we make sure to administrate your system and manage it well.


Have you ever tried remote support from an overseas company? How often was the service actually helpful? Not only will you enjoy talking to us over the phone, but if we can’t fix it remotely, we’ll send an on-site tech to resolve the problem in person. We are a Greater Vancouver based company.